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Stability from Withdrawals

Daily Methadone, Suboxone, or Subutex treatment offers even and long-lasting relief from withdrawals for those addicted to heroin and other opioids. This allows the individual to maintain stability in their daily life and provides the opportunity to focus on addressing and overcoming the underlying issues associated with their addiction to achieve effective, long term recovery.

Cost Benefits

Entry costs for our maintenance treatment program are relatively low when compared to other forms of addiction treatment. We do not charge an intake fee, and our caring professionals will work with each patient prior to treatment to help determine if our center is the right place for you or your loved one. To learn more about insurance and payment options click here.

Typical Visit

From your initial visit to your last, you will work with our team of dedicated and experienced experts through specific therapeutic treatments to complement your medication maintenance, as you begin your recovery process.

Our Location

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Attending North Florida Treatment Center gave me the chance to start a new and better way of life. I don’t know where I’d be today if it wasn’t for their help.

– Jeffrey F.

Learn Why Medication-Assisted Treatment Really Works

Support, Encouragement, & Comfort

Thank you for considering North Florida Comprehensive Treatment Center during this challenging time. We understand how overwhelming it can be to finally start thinking about obtaining treatment for an opioid addiction, and we commend you on your efforts in reaching out for help. Realizing that it is often intimidating to begin the process of recovery, we, at North Florida Comprehensive Treatment Center, do everything we can to ensure that your journey towards recovery is filled with support, encouragement, and comfort. Rest assured that you have found the right place for you.

Realizing Hope

Grappling with an opioid addiction can feel like fighting an endless battle that is filled with disappointment and loss of faith. Whether you are addicted to morphine, prescription pain medications, or heroin, you can easily feel like you have been disconnected from your life, as you are trapped in a fog of substance abuse. You might also begin feeling like your future holds no hope, especially when you begin experiencing detriments to your personal, professional, and social life. At North Florida Comprehensive Treatment Center, we can help you realize that there is hope for you, and help you rebuild your confidence in ways that guide you towards making the changes needed to live an opioid-free life.

Individualized Treatment

With treatment that is specifically created for women and men aged 18 and older who are battling with opioid addiction, North Florida Comprehensive Treatment Center provides medication assisted treatment and a number of therapeutic treatment modalities that have proven to be effective in aiding individuals move towards defeating their opioid addictions once and for all. It is our goal to help all individuals who come to us for care so they can not only defeat their addictions, but also let go of their compulsion to use and begin living a life free of substance abuse.